Potato Flakes Processing

Potato Flakes

Potato Flakes is one of the most widely used ingredients for Aloo Bhujia, Tikkis, fabricated  french fries, burger patties, Parathas,  Soup thickner, in Sauces by domestic and International Food Processing Companies in India and few from abroad.

Potato Flakes is used as a binder, for yield improvement, breading, decoration, moutfullness, flavour enhancer, thickening agent, uniformity of food products, texture enhancer, shelf life extender, crumb softener in bakery applications .

Mr. Dinesh Garg has to his credit setting up three Potato Flakes processing Plants in India and is a pioneer of  Potato Flakes manufacturing, usage and applications of potato flakes In India.

One of our client whom Leelaram Enterprises has setup the processing plant for potato flakes has been awarded as the Excellence in Potato Processing by the All India Cold Storage Association 2019 , AICCS 2019 in Agra.

Today Potato Flakes has become a multi million dollar product for Exports and is being consumed in large tons in Indian Market.

So in case you are looking for Potato Flakes processing, you can get in touch with us and be rest assured  for reaping the best benefits out of your plant.